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What is aerial hoop (aro aéreo)?

Aside from trapeze gymnastics, hoop gymnastics is the aerial dance art most associated with the circus.


It combines dance, acrobatics and contortionism (the art of body flexibility) which, with the right doses of strength, endurance, agility and flexibility (we also teach them, of course), create a spectacular and fascinating show, which provides participants a huge portion of satisfaction and positive energy.

The aerial hoops are suspended at different heights (generally more or less at the artist's shoulder height) and range from 90 to 110 cm in diameter. Some of the suspended hoops have swivel joints (which allow the hoops to spin freely) and some do not. Thanks to this diversity, people of all levels will be able to choose what gives them a sense of security and effective training.

You can practice on the hoop both solo and as a duo.

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