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What is aerial silk (tela aérea)?

Aerial dance on silks combines dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics (aerobatics).


It is a technique of tying and wrapping the arms, legs, and body, which allows performing acrobatic elements in the air: arabesques or splits. Aerial dance (or also "aerial ballet") is a combination of the beauty of the dance movement with impressive evolutions in the air.

During classes, we put emphasis on your gymnastic and artistic development. Students learn how to master the silk and use its advantages, how to execute acrobatic elements without overloading the joints and the spine, and how to combine the figures into a whole in order to present a specific choreography.


Professional aerial gymnastics is strength, courage, skill, and performance, thanks to which we create a show. Aerial dancers perform from a few to more than 10 meters above the ground without protection.


Many people believe that aerial silk dancing is a variation of contemporary dance translated to the air.

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