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gymnastics classes on the aerial hoop

Aerial hoop dancing is one of the aerial dance arts most associated with the circus. It combines dance, acrobatics, and contortionism (the art of body flexibility) which, with the right doses of strength, endurance, agility and flexibility (we also teach them, of course), create a spectacular and fascinating show, which provides the audience a huge portion of satisfaction and positive energy.


gymnastics classes on aerial silk 


Aerial dance on silks combines dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics (aerobatics). It is a technique of tying and wrapping the arms, legs, and body, which allows performing acrobatic elements in the air such as arabesques or splits. Aerial dance (or also "aerial ballet") is a combination of the beauty of the dance movement with impressive evolutions in the air. The material from which the fabric is made is jersey.

Personal training

Experienced instructors will prepare individual training for both adults and children, also for your concrete needs (tournaments, competitions, shows, and others) and according to specific requirements.

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