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Kacper Krzymowski

My story

  • Traditional Chinese Kung-Fu master in Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan – a style known as the first Chinese MMA, focused on street fighting with one and several opponents.

  • Self-defense and sports Sanda instructor​

  • Multiple medalist in national and international competitions (in Poland and abroad) in full-contact fights.

  • More than 18 years of experience gained during daily training, internships in Poland and abroad and seminars with teachers from Poland and China.

  • Knowledge backed by practice.

  • The owner of the sports club "Fight Academy Mantis"


The managing director of "Gimnastyka Powietrzna School" and, in private life, the husband of Dominika Krzymowska, has been associated with the school from the very beginning of its existence. He actively participates in the life of the school, deals with organizational and administrative matters.

In addition to his duties at our school, he is a Kung-Fu trainer and teacher as well as a teacher who works with students who require special care. As an artist, he participated, among others, in the MISS AWF gala, where he presented a fantastic show using CUBE - a custom-made cube made of aluminum tubes.

He often assists in conducting classes for children, ensuring the highest possible safety during aerial dance training. He gets along well with children and adults, which contributes to the happy and relaxed atmosphere of the school.

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